My radio is an Elecraft K3, with a dipole antenna for the necessary band. When aboard the RRS James Clark Ross, the radio is a Kenwood TS-480 feeding a 10m vertical whip antenna.

The equipment permits operation on most HF bands; the main limiting factor is potential interference with scientific instrumentation. A number of instruments operate in, or close to, Amateur Radio frequencies and range from passive listening systems to multi-megawatt radars. Non-interference with scientific equipment will always take priority.

I typically operate SSB, however have been working on improving my CW; please be patient with me in this mode! I do not operate data modes, although occasionally may set up a WSPR receiver when the equipment is otherwise not in use.

Elecraft K3K3 Configuration:
• K3/100
• KAT3
• 2.7kHz 5 pole filter