I work for the British Antarctic Survey allowing me the possibility of operation from the ships and bases they operate, as well as the possibility of other locations as operational activities facilitate.

VP8HAL: Halley Research Station, Brunt Ice Shelf
VP8ROT: Rothera Research Station, Adelaide Island (IOTA: AN-001)
VP8SGK: King Edward Point Research Station, South Georgia (IOTA: AN-007)
VP8SIG: Signy Research Station, Signy Island (IOTA: AN-008)

Maritime Mobile operation is possible from the RRS James Clark Ross.

While I hope to get the opportunity for amateur radio operation when South, any activity has to be conducted around work hours and on the basis of not interfering with the scientific research experiments. Additionally, the availability of equipment and space at the various locations is not guaranteed; please remember these are working trips rather than DXpeditions!